Sarah Zach

Speech Language Pathologist


Sarah Zach is a Speech-Language Pathologist at the Lions Voice Clinic, focusing on the care and treatment of voice disorders and upper airway disorders, including shortness of breath, chronic cough and throat clearing, abnormal throat sensations such as pain, discomfort, or a lump in the throat (globus), and difficulty swallowing related to excessive muscle tension in the throat (muscle tension dysphagia).

Sarah trained as a classical singer and attended Lawrence University Conservatory of Music in Appleton, Wisconsin, earning a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance. She taught voice lessons as an adjunct voice faculty member and private studio instructor prior to earning a Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. She specialized in treating voice and upper airway disorders and served as the Content Expert in Voice and Upper Airway Disorders for Allina Health, where she presented current treatment and assessment practices in voice and upper airway disorders to system speech pathologists and physicians, prior to joining the Lions Voice Clinic in 2021.

In addition to treating voice and upper airway disorders at the Lions Voice Clinic, Sarah is passionate about providing education to occupational voice users regarding vocal health and sustainability, as growing numbers of professions require daily voice use. She empathizes with patients struggling to regain normal voice quality and comfortable voice use, having had a bilateral thyroidectomy at the age of nineteen and experienced a shift from coloratura soprano to mezzo. She personally understands the tremendous impact that voice and upper airway disorders can have on an individual’s sense of identity and strives to help each patient meet their personal voice and upper airway goals.

She is a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA), the Minnesota Voice Colloquium, and the Pan-American Vocology Association (PAVA).