Cyrus Jahansouz, MD

Assistant Professor, Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery,

Cyrus Jahansouz

Contact Info

Office Phone 612-899-2176

Administrative Assistant Name
Alexandra Broek

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Assistant Professor, Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery

Medical School: University of Virginia

Residency: University of Minnesota

Fellowship: Cleveland Clinic Florida, Colon and Rectal Surgery



Research Summary/Interests

My goal is to improve patients outcomes following colorectal surgery by modifying and reconstituting the composition of the intestinal microbiome. We have only recently realized the potential for the microbiome to serve as a modifiable therapeutic target. I work in collaboration with my PhD partner, Dr. Christopher Staley, who has established a human-microbiota-associated (HMA) mouse model that allows stable engraftment of human intestinal microbiota into antibiotic-treated mice. Our research will humanize mice with the microbiota from patients with different gut microbial compositions and use our established colonic surgery murine model to evaluate the impact of these compositions on post-surgical complications, primarily in the healing of the colonic anastomosis.