Tamara Vos-Draper

Assistant Professor

Research Summary

Tamara (Tammy) Vos-Draper practiced clinically full-time for 24 years in adult rehabilitation practices, specifically in the area of spinal cord injury and disorders, wheelchair seating and mobility, and assistive technology. Her clinical practice experiences were in skilled nursing facilities, acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, and outpatient rehabilitation.  Primary age groups included adult and older adults.

Dr. Vos-Draper conducts research to facilitate self-management of secondary conditions by wheelchair users.  Her research on the use of real-time pressure mapping by wheelchair users to manage pressure injury prevention has been generously supported through  federally funded grants since 2015. She maintains strong collaboration with Mayo Clinic and Minneapolis VA research teams to further develop, test, and implement a mobile seat interface pressure mapping system. Research interests include developing an assessment tool to measure self-efficacy around managing pressure and clinical integration of the pressure mapping system as an patient education strategy. Co-design with the end-user is a priority for developing the system and from the conception of this idea during her clinical practice at Mayo Clinic, input from wheelchair users has been critical. Part of Dr. Vos-Draper's research has included analysis of Actigraph sensor data collected over long periods of time in the home environment to objectively measure body movement in wheelchair users. Current projects include activity tracking in wheelchair users during routine activities of daily living and learning about how pressure injuries result from or interfere with participation in wheelchair-related sports or fitness activities.

Other areas of interest include adaptive CrossFit and fitness activities, specifically for wheelchair users. Strong interest in mind-body health and wellness through physical activity and daily routines/rituals.  

Teaching Summary

  • Mind-Body in OT Practice
  • OT Management
  • Assistive Technology and Orthotics in OT Practice
  • Adult Practice courses
  • Faculty-led Level I Fieldwork, Older Adult
  • Quantitative Research

Clinical Summary

Wheelchair seating and mobility, assistive technology, SCI/D