Dwight Nelson, PhD

Visiting Scientist, Department of Urology

Dwight Nelson

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Visiting Scientist, Department of Urology


Dr. Dwight Nelson is a visiting scientist in the Department of Urology and leads the Functional Urology Discovery group in the program.  Dr. Nelson has extensive experience with an array of clinical and pre-clinical projects across areas including neuroscience, urological and bowel function, sleep and circadian biology, and vision. He has conducted basic and applied research in academic departments including programs in phase 1 and 2 clinical / feasibility testing. Dr Nelson has also organized and led corporate research teams for major R+D programs and commercialized therapies including spinal and sacral nerve therapies, deep brain stimulation and pharmaceutical research. He has also worked with global startups and venture teams. In the UMN Urology Department, Dr. Nelson has ongoing research focusing on sacral nerve stimulation therapy as well as diagnostics and sensing of bladder function.


  • Neuroscience and improvement of neuromodulation therapies through effective and predictable R+D
  • Data driven research program development and related product design inputs
  • Physiological and neural signal capture and effective strategies for effective program and product development
  • Patent and research program development, product concept innovation and entrepreneurship.