Wassef Chanbour

Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Cornea, External Disease & Refractive Surgery


Dr. Chanbour completed his Cornea and Refractive surgery fellowship in a Harvard Medical School teaching institution in Boston. His practice includes all patients with different medical and surgical corneal and anterior segment diseases. He treats adults and children with the most advanced surgical techniques including corneal transplants with less invasive partial-thickness procedures like DALK, DSEK and DMEK. He has also been performing corneal cross-linking for keratoconus. In addition, Dr. Chanbour performs anterior segment surgeries including cataract surgery with the use of premium intraocular lenses, sutured intraocular lenses, and anterior segment reconstruction. His special interests include Keratoconus, LASIK, PRK, ICL.


MD, Lebanese University,

Fellowships, Residencies, and Visiting Engagements

Fellowship in Cornea and Refractive Surgery, Boston Eye Group/Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center,
Residency in Ophthalmology, Lebanese University, 2020, Fellowship
Selected Presentations

Selected Presentations

Chanbour, w., (Advisor) "Comparing Early and Delayed Phacoemulsification after Femtosecond Laser Anterior Capsulotomy and Fragmentation in FLACS", ASCRS Annual Meeting , ASCRS, Washington, District of Columbia, United States. January 01, 2022.
Chanbour, W., (Author), melki, s., (Advisor) "’Rethinking LVC Contraindications", new england ophthalmological society annual meeting, new england ophthalmological society, boston, Massachusetts, United States. January 01, 2021.
Chanbour, W. "➢ Comparing keratoconus and post-LASIK ectasia progression rate after corneal collagen cross-linking: 3 years follow up", french ophthalmological society, SFO, paris, France. January 01, 2020.
Chanbour, W. "➢ IOL Power Calculation Post ICL Implantation in High Myopia: Effect of Different Biometric Parameters on 3rd and 4th Generation Formulas.", american society of cataract and refractive surgery meeting, ASCRS, washington, District of Columbia, United States. January 01, 2018.
Chanbour, W. "Unilateral malignant glaucoma post bilateral ICL: Effect of miotics", Lebanese ophthalmological society, LOS, beirut, Lebanon. January 01, 2018.
Chanbour, W. "Late onset sterile peripheral ulcerative keratitis post Corneal Collagen Cross Linking", ESCRS annual meeting , ESCRS, January 01, 2018.