Allison Logemann

Assistant Professor


Academic Interests 

Executive functioning, cerebellum, functional neurological disorder, rehabilitation, delayed recovery concussion, ADHD, TBI, stroke, pre-surgical evaluations, psychotherapy

Research Summary

Select Publications 

Coutellier, L., Logemann, A., & Usdin, T. (2011).  Maternal absence of the parathyroid hormone 2 receptor affects postnatal pup development.  Journal of Neuroendocrinology, 23, 612-619. 

Coutellier, L., Logemann, A., Kuo, J., Rusnak, M., & Usdin, T. (2011).  TIP39 modulates effects of novelty-induced arousal on memory.  Genes, Brain, and Behavior, 10, 90-99.


Logemann, A., &. (2022, April). Family, Friends, and Foes: Navigating Complex Relationships Following ABI Through Case Examples [Webinar].  Brain Injury Association of Iowa.

Logemann, A., Barnett, R., & Barnett, G.  (2022, April). Clinical Assessment and Considerations in Substitute Decision-Making. Presentation at On With Life Annual Conference.  Des Moines, IA.

Logemann, A., & Judd, J.  (2022, March).  Functional Neurological Approach To Cognitive Challenges In Delayed Recovery Concussion and Long COVID. Presentation at Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa 30th Annual Conference. Des Moines, IA, Online platform.

Logemann, A., & Demarest, D. (2021, September).  Neuropsychology 101:  All the Questions You Were Afraid To Ask. On With Life Fall Conference 2021.  Ankeny, IA. 

Logemann, A., & Van Quatham, C. (2021, August-September).  From Playground to Retirement:  Best Practices in Concussion Management. Brain Injury Association of Iowa 2021Concussion Consortium, Online platform. 

Logemann, A., & Reed, K. (2021, June).  Establishing Allyship: What you need to know when working with individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ [Webinar].  On With Life. 

Anders, D., & Logemann, A. (2021, May).  Neurobehavioral Programming in Brain Injury:  Embracing the Challenge with Dignity.  Presentation at Western Michigan Brain Injury Conference.  Grand Rapid, MI (and online).  

Anders, D., & Logemann, A. (2019, September).  Neurobehavioral Programming: Embracing the Challenge with Dignity. Presentation at On With Life’s Neurorehabilitation Fall Conference.  Des Moines, IA. 

Logemann, A. (2019, September).  Psychosocial challenges following concussion.  Presentation at On With Life’s Neurorehabilitation Fall Conference Concussion Symposium. Des Moines, IA. 

Logemann, A., & Anders, D. (2019, April).  Understanding Mild, Moderate, and Severe Brain Injury and its impact on the injured worker. Speakers for On With Life’s Worker’s Compensation Symposium. Ankeny, IA. 

Logemann, A. (June 2019).  Dementia 101: Overview of Neurodegenerative Processes. Invited Speaker for didactic series at Columbia University, New York, NY. 

Logemann, A. (2019, February).  Sex and sexuality after brain injury.  Presentation at Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa 27th Annual Conference. Des Moines, IA. 

Logemann, A., & Garlinghouse, M. (2018, June).  The cerebellum:  Not just the little brain.  Grand Rounds presented at University of Nebraska Medical Center.  Omaha, NE. 

Logemann, A., & Garlinghouse, M. (2017, November/December). Cognitive Changes in Patients and Colleagues: Definitions and Strategies to Cope and Care. Nebraskan Lawyer, pg. 15-21.

Garlinghouse, M., & Logemann, A. (2017, April).  Cognitive Change:  To Lumosity or not to Lumosity?  Guest speakers for Grey Matters: Together with Courage, an Event for Brain Cancer Patients and Their Caregivers. Omaha, NE. 

Nelson-Sheese, A., May, P.E., & Logemann, A. (2016, October). Neuropsychological Evaluation. Guest speakers for Joe Niekro Foundation Brain Aneurysm, AVM, and Stroke Support Group. Omaha, NE

Fedio, A. A., Sexton, J. Lasko, L., Efanov, S., Golden, S., Logemann, A., Cummings, S., Fedio, P. (2014, August).  Sense of self following traumatic brain injury:  Effect of being informed about residual disabilities.  Poster presented at American Psychological Association, Washington, DC.

Logemann, A. (2013, April).  Contribution of pediatric cerebellar tumor resection to interpersonal communication.  Poster presented at the 13th Annual Cognition and Affect Campus Poster Session (A. Fedio), American School of Professional Psychology, at Argosy University, Washington, DC. 

Fedio, A., Sexton, J., Cummings, S., Logemann, A., Lassiter, NK., Fedio, P. (2012, November). Recovery from traumatic brain injury:  The effect of being informed about risk for disability.  Poster presented at National Academy of Neuropsychology Conference. Nashville, TN. 

Fedio, A., Sexton, J., Thomas, T., Burgess, R., Logemann, A., Fedio, P. (2012, July). Self-concept as a motivator for seeking treatment following traumatic brain injury: Patient and family contributions. Poster presented at the Mid-Year Conference of the International Neuropsychology Society. Oslo, Norway.  

Logemann, A. (2011, November).  Love, sex, and neuroscience.  Oral presentation at Neuropsychology Interest Group. American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Washington, DC. 

Coutellier, L., Logemann, A., & Usdin, T. (2009, September). Memory impairment under conditions of emotional arousal in mice lacking TIP39.  Oral presentation at National Institute of Mental Health DIRP Scientific Retreat, Gettysburg, PA. 

Logemann, A., Coutellier, L., & Usdin, T. (2009, May). Social and object recognition in TIP39 knockout mice.  Poster presented at National Institute of Health Spring Research Festival, Bethesda, MD



Clinical Summary

Clinical Interests 

Executive functioning, cerebellum, functional neurological disorder, rehabiliation, delayed recovery concussion, ADHD, TBI, stroke, pre-surgical evaluations, psychotherapy