Biomedical Sciences Student Resources

The Biomedical Sciences Graduate Programs are committed to the successful graduation of all enrolled students. The University of Minnesota provides a wide array of groups, organizations and services to assist you in making decisions about your future career path, engaging your personal interests outside of the laboratory, supporting your ongoing health and wellness and finding places to live in the Twin Cities.

Versatile PhD

A website that provides tools for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars interested in non-academic careers. These tools are designed for students in the humanities, social sciences and STEM disciplines and they provide both free and subscription-based services to its users. Features include interactive tools, community discussions, job listings, networking opportunities and local meet-ups. The U of M participates in the subscription-based service, so students can access additional content.

Science United

A new biomedical science recruiting firm that focuses on helping graduating PhD students match up with postdoctoral positions that put them in the best position to succeed. The founders are PhD scientists who found themselves frustrated with the job search process, and created Science United to bridge the disconnect that often exists in the academic hiring process. We are the hiring partners of many academic PIs across the country and are identifying candidates from departments and institutions such as your own. Our model is simple: this is a free service for job seekers that puts their resumes directly in the hands of employers who looking to hire candidates with their specific skill sets. (This is not an endorsement of this firm)