The Department of Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development comprises faculty from both the Medical School and the College of Biological Sciences. Faculty members are engaged in research in three key disciplines of the department—genetics, cell biology and developmental biology. Research topics in these key disciplines are listed below.

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Fundamental genetic mechanisms such as DNA and chromosome replication, DNA repair, recombination, and transposition; Gene expression and the many factors and circumstances that regulate it; Genomics--the analysis of whole genomes from both structural and functional viewpoints; Human genetics and genetic counseling.


Cell Biology

Interactions between cells, properties of cell membranes, molecular transport into and within cells, cell signaling processes; Control of the cell cycle, regulation of cell division; Cell structure and function, organelles, components of the cytoskeleton, cell motility.

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Developmental Biology

Developmental mechanisms, specification of cell fates; Cellular differentiation, formation of tissues and organs.