PED 7539

Acting Intern Neonatal Medicine


Alison Chandler
Course Coordinator

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Catalog Description: This course offers the student an opportunity to be an extern in one of the neonatal intensive care units located in the hospitals listed. For assigned patients, the student will assume the responsibility of a first year resident: the student will make rounds with the nurse practitioners, neonatology fellow, and attending staff on all patients, write orders on assigned patients, and carry out necessary procedures under supervision. The student will participate in the night call rotation with nurse practioners and attending and actively participate in the various neonatology/perinatology conferences held at each hospital. At all institutions, students will be involved in the evaluation and counseling of high-risk obstetrical patients prior to delivery.


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Children's Minnesota - St. Paul Hospital


Required session attendance:

Typical weekly schedule/Delivery Mode: 3 weeks of rounding/1 week of nights. An ICU rotation with rounding and patient care responsibilities M-F, 7:30am-5pm on the acute care team.

Direct patient care: Yes

Consent Requirement: Open to student scheduling

Course Objectives: In this course, the student should learn the fundamentals of assessment and care of the more common neonatal medical and surgical problems.

In this course, students will:

  • learn the fundamentals of assessment and care of common neonatal medical and surgical problems;
  • learn the fundamentals of physical examination of premature and term infants;
  • write orders appropriate for the investigation and treatment of common neonatal problems, including infant feeding, intravenous fluid therapy, neonatal infections, and respiratory distress;
  • become acquainted with common procedures involved in the care of the sick neonates, including umbilical artery catheterization, peripheral IV needle placement, lumbar puncture, and endotracheal intubation; and
  • learn to effectively communicate with the parents of sick neonates.

Graded Components: 

  • Clinical assessment by attending

Grading Scale: H/E/S/N


Allow repetition of course: Repetition not allowed

Limited to Student Type: No

Course equivalency: N/A

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