SURG 7522

Acting Internship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


Yvonne Christensen
Course Coordinator

Curriculum Focus
Clinical Level
MS Year
Terms Offered


*Note: Students must reach out to the course coordinator for approval to schedule a repeat of SURG 7522. Failure to do so could result in the student being removed from the repeat.*

Catalog Description: This elective rotation in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a four-week experience in basic surgical technique, wound closure techniques, principles of wound healing, exposure to emergent and elective reconstructive surgery as well as aesthetic surgery.



View site addresses by clicking on the site name below or visiting the site codes table.

Site Code Site Name Notes

Regions Hospital

UMMC - West Bank - East Building

Students will spend two consecutive weeks at Regions and two consecutive weeks at UMMC and will be required to travel to clinics, outpatient surgery centers, and hospital facilities around the metro area during their rotation time. Students placed at other sites (see below) will be contacted by the course coordinator after the drop/add deadline passes. 


HealthPartners Specialty Center 401 Building   
HP-1008 HealthPartners Specialty Center 435 Building  
MF-1012 Clinics and Surgery Center Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery  


Clinics and Surgery Center - Maple Grove  


M Health Fairview Southdale Medical Center  


UMMC - East Bank  

Required session attendance: Does not apply

Typical weekly schedule/Delivery Mode: 

  • Mix of clinic and OR opportunities varying by site.  M-F, 6:30 AM - 5:00 PM. Plastic Surgery residents take primary call.  Students do not take call, and no weekends or overnights are expected.
  • Two half weekdays of Independent Learning Time (ILT) will be provided; once while at Regions, and once while at UMH.

Direct patient care: Yes

Consent Requirement: Open to student scheduling.

Grading Scale: H/E/S/N

Allow repetition of course: With approval, allow up to 2 repetition(s) totalling up to 8.0 credit(s). (Allow multiple enrollments in a single term.)

Course equivalency: Does not apply