INMD 6807

Essentials of Clinical Medicine - Part 3, Block C


Sara Roberts and Allison Siefert
Course Managers

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MS year: 
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INMD 6803, INMD 6804, and INMD 6805


    Catalog Description: Covers the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for learning clinical medicine. The course complements Scientific Foundations course-work within the MS2 required curriculum, and prepare students to fully engage in clinical rotations in Years 3 and 4.
    Consists of two main concepts:

    • Mastering Clinical Information (MCI) - Biostatistics, study design critical review of journal articles, application of clinical information, translational research and managing conflicts of interest. 
    • Process of Care Clerkship (POCC) - Students will hone their clinical skills and while focusing on the process of Inpatient care, Outpatient care, and Acute and Long-term Care.