INMD 6815

Human Behavior


Elle Fasteland
Course Manager

Curriculum Focus
MS Year
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Catalog Description: The study of Human Behavior is an important and challenging task. Human behavior encompasses all aspects of life and has a profound impact on states of health and illness. A variety of approaches to the study of human behavior exist and are not limited to scientific or psychological inquiry. A nuanced understanding of human behavior as well as its determinants and impacts is necessary to practice medicine with basic competence in any medical specialty.  This course is designed to provoke thought, rather than to provide concrete answers. Each human develops her own theory of human behavior based on life as she has lived it. Theories of human behavior are as varied as are human lives. There are seldom clear answers in the study of human behavior. Understand, however, that all hope is not lost. There are valid means of inquiry into human behavior that will be explored in this course. Conflict over ideas will be encouraged, as this disagreement facilitates advanced understanding. Students are encouraged to challenge the course director.