INMD 6810

Human Health & Disease – Renal & Endocrinology-Reproduction


Elle Fasteland 
Course Manager

Curriculum Focus
MS Year
Terms Offered



Catalog Description: Students will be able to describe and discuss …
- How the Endocrine and Renal systems often work together to maintain homeostasis but also allow adaptation to changing conditions
- How the endocrine system regulate feeding, fuel balance, response to stress, bone health, growth, sexual development and reproduction
- The causes, consequences, and approaches to evaluation and treatment (pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic) of endocrine disorders
- How the kidneys regulate fluid, electrolyte, acid base, nitrogen and mineral balance
- The causes, consequences, and approaches to treatment (pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic) of renal and urinary tract disease
- The pathology resulting from diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract and endocrine and reproductive systems and the additional insight provided by laboratory medicine
- The causes and consequences, individual and societal, of sexually transmitted diseases and how translational research has influenced diagnosis and treatment
- Consequences of major endocrine and renal disorders for public health
- Barriers to optimal understanding/treatment of the disorders indicated above