INMD 6812

Microbiology & Immunology


Aliyu Ojarigi
Course Manager

Curriculum Focus
MS Year
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Catalog Description: Microbiology emphasizes how the structures and properties of medically important microorganisms are utilized for clinical diagnosis, the development of effective mechanisms for protection against infection and the development of appropriate antimicrobial therapies. Immunology outlines the innate and adaptive host immune responses to microbial infections under conditions of both good health and clinical disease. Laboratory sessions are designed to supplement and reinforce the classroom material by providing an opportunity for students to perform and analyze standard laboratory tests that form the foundations of diagnostic Microbiology and Immunology. Upon successful completion of the INMD 6812 course, Medical Students will have a comprehensive foundation of knowledge and critical thinking skills in contemporary Microbiology and Immunology and will be well prepared for advanced review and discussion of clinical cases in Infectious Diseases, as occurs throughout the second year courses.
Prior to Fall 2019, this course was 4 credit hours.