MED 6573

Neuro / Behavioral Medicine I


Stephanie Appleby
Course Manager

MS Year
Terms Offered



Catalog description: The Neuro / Behavioral Medicine I course provides an interdisciplinary study of the human nervous system coordinated with the gross dissection of the neck, head, and brain. Specific topics include the embryologic development of the head, neck, face, palate; anatomy and physiology of central and peripheral nervous system, basic neurobiology content in biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, microbiology, pathology, and pharmacology associated with normal functions of the nervous system and the perturbations that cause clinical disease. The content of this course will be roughly the first half of the current NMED. Neuro / Behavioral Medicine and includes the basic neurophysiology and neurotransmitters, all the neuroanatomy labs, descending pathways, hearing and vision along with threaded embryology, infections of the nervous system, and the Neurological Exams.