INMD 6817

Principles of Pathology


Aliyu Ojarigi
Course Manager

Curriculum Focus
MS Year
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Catalog Description: Principles of Pathology begins this study of human disease by introducing students to general processes of disease including cell injury and cell death in tissues and organs, inflammation and the inflammatory response, immunopathologic processes, coagulation and abnormalities of coagulation, metabolic diseases and neoplasia. Examples of specific diseases are used to illustrate these principles. General principles of laboratory medicine and laboratory tests are also covered. There is a heavy emphasis of the visual aspects of disease processes as well as on altered laboratory findings in blood and body fluids. Our required laboratory sessions are based on case studies and utilize pictures, glass slides and gross specimens to demonstrate pathologic changes. Course delivery is a combination of lectures and laboratory sessions.
Prior to Fall 2019, this course was 1 credit hour.