All medical students are expected to maintain continuous compliance throughout medical school.

How to stay compliant with immunizations

All incoming students should submit immunization records to Boynton prior to October 1st of their first year. Thereafter, some students may need an updated Tetanus shot.

NOTE: The registrar’s office only sees what is on your MEdIS Compliance tab – whether or not you are compliant and your expiration date, and this is what determines your compliance status. You should NEVER send medical documentation to the registrar’s office, and should direct all questions and documentation regarding your compliance status to Boynton.

Helpful links:
Vaccination and immunization policy for learners in the Health Sciences
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MEdIS Compliance tab
Immunization form (for immunizations not received at Boynton)
Make an appointment – Twin Cities (Minneapolis or St. Paul campus)
Make an appointment - Duluth

Required Vaccines, Frequency, and Deadlines

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