Mpls.St.Paul Magazine Recognizes 190+ Faculty Physicians on 2022 “Rising Stars” List

This week, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine recognized 197 talented University of Minnesota Medical School faculty physicians — spanning over 18 departments — on its 2022 “Top Doctors: Rising Stars” list. ​​

The list recognizes physicians who have been practicing for 10 years or less. Winners were nominated by their peers and selected as “Rising Stars” after a rigorous evaluation process by an expert physician panel.

“We are so proud of the incredible faculty physicians who made the ‘Rising Stars’ list this year,” said Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD, Dean of the Medical School. “This recognition is a reflection of their dedication to their patients and communities.”

Scroll down to see the complete list of Medical School faculty physicians recognized as 2022 Rising Stars by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine.

Department of Anesthesiology

Aaron A. Berg, DO

James M. Flaherty, MD

Benjamin J. Gorbaty, MD

Jeffrey O. Grosland, MD

Stephen M. Richardson, MD

Lisa Sun, MD

Department of Dermatology

Ronda S. Farah, MD

Elisabeth Hurliman, MD**

Jing Liu, MD**

Adam Mattox, DO

Cynthia L. Nicholson, MD

David R. Pearson, MD

Brittney J. Schultz, MD

Department of Emergency Medicine

Brian Driver, MD**

Michael T. Paddock, DO**

Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

Kathryn J. Freeman, MD

Elizabeth Gilbertson, MD*

David A. Goodman, MD*

Alexander M. Hubbell, MD*

Micah O. Johnson, MD*

Jessica Kolb, MD*

Laura M. W. Miller, MD

Charles R. Salmen, MD

Edward J. Smith, DO

Joshua A. Thompson, MD

Amanda Weinmann, MD

Andrea K. Westby, MD

Department of Medicine

Mahsa Abassi, DO

Jonathan D. Alpern, MD**

Nabeel Azeem, MD

Anne Bantle, MD

Jason A. Bartos, MD

Joan Denise Beckman, MD

Joseph S. Bert, MD**

Timothy P. Capecchi, MD

Michelle Carlson, MD**

Aditya A. Chandorkar, MD

Roy J. Cho, MD

Hem H. Desai, MD

Evidio Domingo-Musibay, MD

Joshua Dorn, MD**

Heidi L. Erickson, MD**

David T. Ewart, MD**

Yuka Furuya, MD

Nathaniel T. Gaeckle, MD

Danielle Haselby, DO**

Brian S. Hilliard, MD

Najla H. El Jurdi, MD

Amit A. Kulkarni, MD

Thomas M. Leventhal, MD

Rebecca L. Markowitz, MD

David M. Melling, MD**

Robert K. Mittet, MD**

Luke A. Monteagudo, MD

E. Kendahl Moser-Bleil, MD*

Kathryn M. Pendleton, MD

Erik J. Peterson, MD

Melissa A. Plesac, MD

Radha Rajasingham, MD

Arpit Rao, MD**

Steven D. Richmond, DO**

Eugenia Shmidt, MD

Tyson J. Sievers, MD

Christopher D. Steevens, MD*

Laurel E. Stephenson, MD**

Mary J. Thomson, MD

Viola M. Tracy, MD*

Byron Vaughn, MD

David A. Wacker, MD

Benjamin Webber, MD

Tyler Winkelman, MD**

Matthew D. Yocum, MD

Maja T. Zioncheck, MD**

Department of Neurology

Samuel Maiser, MD**

Amanda M. Moen, MD

Department of Neurosurgery

Kristen E. Jones, MD

Andrew S. Venteicher, MD

Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women’s Health

Elizabeth Alabi, MD*

April Batcheller, MD**

Kylie Glen Fowler, MD*

Lisa A. Gill, MD

Sarah L. Hutto, MD

Tana Kim, MD*

Andrea S. O'Shea, MD

Colleen L. Rivard, MD

Todd J. Stanhope, MD*

Sarah A. Wernimont, MD

Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Neurosciences

Anne S. Abel, MD**

Raymond Areaux, MD

Karen R. Armbrust, MD**

Mark S. Hansen, MD*

Joshua Hou, MD

Amanda Maltry, MD

Adam Moss, MD*

Huda Sheheitli, MD

Sasha Strul, MD

Peter H. Tang, MD*

Justin Yamanuha, MD

Department of Orthopedic Surgery

Caitlin C. Chambers, MD

Andrew G. Georgiadis, MD

Patrick B. Horrigan, MD

Patrick Horst, MD

Daniel Miller, MD**

Mai P. Nguyen, MD

David I. Smith, DO

Robert D. Wojahn, MD

Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

Stephanie Contag, MD**

Raluca T. Gray, MD

Luke Jakubowski, MD**

Ashok Jethwa, MD

Sobia F. Khaja, MD

Matthew A. Tyler, MD

Department of Pediatrics

Anjali Aggarwal, MD

Varun Aggarwal, MD

Matthew Ambrose, MD

Callie Rae Becker, MD

Megan Oberle Bensignor, MD

Charles J. Billington, Jr., MD

Alexander A. Boucher, MD

Calla R. Brown, MD

Nicholas M. Brown, MD

Katherine A. Brunsberg, MD*

Danielle R. Bullock, MD

Nathan T. Chomilo, MD*

Elissa M. Downs, MD

Melissa S. Engel, MD

Kathleen Shonagh Garland, MD*

Tate A. Gisslen, MD

Kimara L. Gustafson, MD

Laura J. Hagemeyer, MD

Kathy Hakanson, MD**

Nihal M. Hamouda, MD*

Marie K. Hickey, MD

Patricia T. Hickey, MD*

Ellen C. Ingolfsland, MD

Heidi J. Kamrath, DO*

Leslie W. King-Schultz, MD**

Stacie M. Knutson, MD

Rachel R. Koski, DO

Anne M. Kouri, MD

Stephanie A. Fritch Lilla, MD*

Nadia Maccabee-Ryaboy, MD**

Cristina M. Miller, MD**

Megan E. Paulsen, MD

Nathan Rodgers, MD

Julie K. Johnson Rolfes, MD

Katherine M. Satrom, MD

Johannah M. Scheurer, MD

Kara K. Seaton, MD*

Kavisha M. Shah, MD

Miriam Shapiro, MD

Jonathan R. Strutt, MD

Elizabeth Swanson, DO

Beth K. Thielen, MD

Valerie T. Whitcomb, MD*

Anne M. White, MD

Kristina L. Whitesell, MD*

Robin L. Williams, MD

Jameel Justin Carl Winter, MD

Justin Y. Yee, MD*

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Jessica Cici, MD**

Patricia "Patty" Dickmann, MD**

Suzanne G. Jasberg, MD**

Nakita Natala, MD

Brent G. Nelson, MD**

Sara Polley, MD**

Amanda L. Schlesinger, MD

Alik S. Widge, MD

Stamatis Zeris, MD**

Department of Radiation Oncology

Christopher T. Wilke, MD

Department of Radiology

Scott M. Boeke, DO*

Jasleen Chopra, MD

Noelle Hoven, MD

Robben A. Schat, DO

Jake R. Theis, MD*

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Kathryn M. Brown, MD

Jason L. Eggers, MD*

John M. Fox, DO

Erica M. Seidel, MD**

Alexander M. Senk, MD**

Department of Surgery

Christopher J. Chow, MD*

Cyrus Jahansouz, MD

Ryan C. Knoper, MD

Janet T. Lee, MD*

Emily Midura, MD*

Brian S. Myer, MD*

Kristin N. Ritter, MD*

Patrick Shabino, MD*

Andrew W. Shaffer, MD

Paul A. Stahler, MD**

Eric S. Wise, MD

Department of Urology

Michael S. Borofsky, MD

Kendall Feia, MD**

Travis Pagliara, MD*

Joseph J. Pariser, MD

Ian Schwartz, MD*

Joseph Zabell, MD


**Denotes affiliated faculty

*Denotes adjunct faculty

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