16,500 children and young adults experienced foster care or out-of-home placement in 2018 in Minnesota, according to the Minnesota Department of Human Services. This is why the Adoption Medicine Clinic was opened over 30 years ago.

“There are vulnerable kids living all around the world, but also kids we need to help right here in Minnesota,” says Judith Eckerle, MD, director of the Adoption Medicine Clinic.

Due to the clinic's history and commitment to Minnesota's adopted and fostered children, the state of Minnesota recently gave the clinic a $1.7 million grant to expand its services to more children in foster care.

“Philanthropy is really how we will continue to grow our program,” says Eckerle, who was named a 2018 Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute Angels in Adoption Honoree in September. “They believe in what we are doing.”

It’s a cause that’s easy to unite behind: ensuring that children, especially those from challenging beginnings, have a chance to reach their full potential.

“It’s just that they fall through the cracks,” Eckerle says, “and we want to make sure that that won’t happen anymore.”

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