Everyone who knows Asma Adam knows about her curiosity for science and her endearment for her community. But, it wasn’t always obvious to Adam that medicine was the best way for her to combine those passions.

“My journey into medicine was a progressive journey,” she said. “As I explored all of my interests, I gravitated towards the sciences and especially the pathophysiology of the human body. Later, I learned about the social determinants of health and understanding that people’s health outcomes are really affected by the society they grow up in and the access to care that they have. I am interested in health equity as it relates to health policy, clinical practice and medical education.”

After realizing that medicine felt like a perfect fit, her decision to go to the University of Minnesota Medical School was an easy choice. Adam knew that it was the best place for her to learn and grow into the physician she hoped to become.

“Attending the University of Minnesota Medical School allowed me to gain excellent clinical training with diverse patient populations, engage in leadership and community service and build strong relationships with my peers and mentors,” she said.

Throughout Adam’s time at the U of M Medical School, she has invested in several student organizations. She was co-president of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA), which is committed to supporting students from groups underrepresented in medicine through mentorship, addressing the needs of underserved communities through outreach and partnerships and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians.

“SNMA has allowed me to build community with my peers and make a meaningful difference in our medical education and in our communities,” Adam shared. She was also co-chair of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, a prestigious honor given to students who "demonstrate excellence in clinical care, leadership, compassion and dedication to service." Adam is a member of the medical school admissions committee.

“Gaining the trust and support from my peers and faculty mentors has allowed me to explore my interests and envision the physician, educator, leader and mentor I hope to become,” she said.

Adam shared that her ideal match would be with a program that offers excellent clinical training, community engagement and strong mentorship.

Today, that dream has become a reality because Adam matched in internal medicine and pediatrics – and she’ll continue her journey, here, at the U of M Medical School.

“I wanted this breadth and depth of training in both adult medicine and pediatrics. This allows for a greater understanding of factors that affect our patients throughout their early childhood years and into adulthood. This training also lends itself well to health policy and advocacy,” she said. “I look forward to a meaningful career ahead in Med-Peds, medical education and health policy.

Asma Adam is the daughter of her father, Abdisalam Adam, and her mother, Nafisa Farah, and has a younger brother. She is deeply grateful to her family for their endless sacrifices, constant encouragement and inspiration in turning her vision of becoming a physician into reality.

“Thank you, Hooyo and Aabo. I look forward to continuing to make you proud,” she said. She would also like to thank her mentors and friends for their continued support.