Dept. of Family Medicine & Community Health Faculty Members Honored for their Contributions to Medicine

Four Medical School faculty members were recently recognized for awards. These staff members include:

Dr. Macaran Baird, Head of the Department of Family Medicine. Dr. Baird is the recipient of the 2017 Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP) Innovation and Research Award. This award recognizes the honoree's contribution in a major, outstanding manner to the development of Family Medicine research both locally and nationally.

Dr. Shailey Prasad, North Memorial's Associate Program Director. Dr. Prasad is the recipient of the 2016-17 University of Minnesota Foundation Year Four Distinguished Clinical Teaching Award. He was nominated and selected by University of Minnesota Medical Students. This award is regarded with high honor-- it is meant to recognize and encourage the kind of teachers Medical Students hold high in esteem.

Dr. Kristine L. Rhodes, Director of the American Indian Cancer Foundation. Dr. Rhodes is one of the recipient(s) of the 2017 Health Equity Award. She was awarded the Community Award, for leading and participating in health equity research for American Indians in Minnesota. She is the director of the community-based organization, the American Indian Cancer Foundation. Under her leadership, the foundation has done pivotal work to promote colon cancer screening, breast cancer screening, HPV vaccination, and reduce the use of commercial tobacco in the American Indian Community in Minnesota.

Dr. Rebecca Shlafer, Researcher in the University of Minnesota's Department of Pediatrics. Dr. Shlafer is also one of the recipient(s) of the 2017 Health Equity Award. She was given the Faculty Award for raising awareness of the intersection of public health and the criminal justice systems. Her groundbreaking research is focused on promoting health equity for incarcerated women as well as for their children.