The involuntary tics of Tourette Syndrome can be distracting, distressing, and even physically harmful.

Brianna Wellen, a post-doc in the CAN (Converging Approaches to Neurodevelopment) Lab, has been recognized by the Tourette Association of America with one of four 2023 Young Investigator Awards for support of her outstanding research.

Dr. Wellen studies how comprehensive behavioral intervention for tics (CBIT) helps people with Tourette Syndrome increase voluntary control over tics they find bothersome. Her study will follow 80 study participants during and after CBIT therapy to map out how changes in the patterns of their tic controllability over time are associated with treatment success. CBIT can be effective, but only works for about 50% of people who try it. Dr. Wellen’s research will increase understanding of how CBIT works and how it can be improved to help more people.