“The Saint Baldrick’s Foundation has been a crucial partner in enabling this work, and our team is grateful for their expertise and generosity.” -Dr. Mark Osborn

An accomplished cancer researcher, Dr. Mark Osborn, has been honored with additional grant funding from the St. Baldricks Foundation. Dr. Osborn's research addresses abnormal B-cell growth, which can lead to leukemia. To combat this, he is exploring an innovative treatment option known as immunotherapy with T-cells.

T-cells can be genetically engineered to target the CD19 protein present in B-cells. Specifically, using chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cells has gained recognition as the first FDA-approved gene therapy, showcasing remarkable therapeutic responses. The robust activity of T-cells can sometimes lead to a dangerous cytokine storm, posing a potential risk to patients. The CAR T-cells can cause a loss of healthy B-cells, resulting in an impaired immune system.

To address these challenges, Dr. Osborn is using advanced gene and cell engineering to create CAR cells that minimize collateral damage to healthy cells and tissues.

The studies conducted by Dr. Osborn are carefully designed to fulfill an unmet need in leukemia treatment. These groundbreaking research endeavors hold immense promise and have the potential to revolutionize the treatment of childhood leukemia, making a significant impact in the field.