Dr. Mustafa al'Absi is launching a study to seek to discover, in part, what effect marijuana use has on individuals trying to quit tobacco cigarette smoking.

The study will take place in Duluth and the Twin Cities, both prime places. He was involved in a national study a few years ago, al'Absi said, that included data on marijuana and tobacco use in 10 cities. In four of those cities, the practice of smoking both tobacco and marijuana was more prevalent: San Francisco, Baltimore, Minneapolis and Duluth.

To get involved

Dr. al'Absi and his team at the Behavioral Medicine Laboratories of the University of Minnesota Medical School's Duluth Campus are looking for participants in their stress response smoking cessation study.

Smokers who are interested in quitting, at least 18 years old, generally healthy and who use marijuana regularly are wanted. Compensation will be provided.

For more information, call (218) 726-8623.