Dr. Sayeed Ikramuddin Appointed Head of the Department of Surgery

The Department of Surgery (DoS) is critically important to the success of the Medical School. Our legacy in research, education and clinical care can only be surpassed by the future we will build together.

To that end, I am appointing Dr. Sayeed Ikramuddin head of the Department of Surgery for an initial appointment of two years. He will also hold the Jay Phillips Chair in Surgery. He has proven to me that he has the right vision, leadership skills and commitment to take this department to the next level.

As interim head, he has increased research support for faculty with substantial infrastructural investments, increased the department’s collaboration efforts, maintained the strength of our residency program and accomplished very significant recruitments in multiple specialties with strong alignment to the service lines. His most notable efforts include rebuilding vascular surgery and pediatric cardiovascular surgery with national and international leaders. The DoS is seeing growth in research applications, publications and clinical excellence all with financial stability.

Dr. Ikramuddin has my full support as a leader of this department and as a part of our Medical School leadership. I look forward to all that we will do together.