Five University of Minnesota Doctors Receive Funding Awards from Regenerative Medicine Minnesota

Regenerative Medicine Minnesota has announced 11 research grants that they will be funding in 2019. Of the 11 selected, five were submitted by University of Minnesota faculty members.

These new grants aim to boost the research output of the state while benefiting Minnesota's communities with new innovative studies.

Below are the researchers and studies selected.

Jonathan Finnoff, DO
Protein Removal and Purification of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP2)

Jacob Montgomery, PhD
Investigation of Serotonergic Signaling Mechanisms that Promote Regeneration Following Spinal Cord Injury

Bhairab Singh, PhD
Translational Strategies for Cardiovascular Repair and Regeneration

Deborah Ferrington, PhD
Personalized Drug Screening for Patients with Age-related Macular Degeneration using iPSC-RPE

Erik Finger, MD, PhD
Foundational Methods for High-throughput Pancreatic Islet Cryopreservation

Regenerative Medicine Minnesota was started in 2014 by the Minnesota legislature with the goal of establishing and supporting research in the area of regenerative medicine at both the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic.