HHMI Investigator Competition to Host Information Session

Dr. Dennis McKearin, Senior Scientific Officer for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute will be hosting a town hall-style presentation and information session on Monday, October 21 to discuss the HHMI Investigator Program.

The HHMI Investigator Program supports nearly 300 investigators, located at more than 60 research institutions across the United States, who are known for their scientific discoveries, innovation, and success in pushing the bounds of knowledge in biomedical research.

HHMI catalyzes discovery science by investing in researchers with generous and flexible funding for extended periods of time. Investigators selected are those that ask the tough questions in science. They develop new tools and methods that make it possible to ask previously unapproachable questions. Many forge links between biology and medicine. They are committed to mentoring and training the next generation of scientists.


Date & Time

Monday, October 21, 10-11 am


2-137 Jackson Hall