Mark Rosenberg, MD, professor of Medicine and vice dean for Education at the University of Minnesota Medical School, recently spoke with Discovery Magazine about the current state of Minnesota’s physician shortage and the steps that will need to be taken to fill those roles.

Nationwide, we are seeing a shortage of physicians which is now becoming a prevalent issue within the medical community. Dr. Rosenberg and his fellow colleagues have been making a proactive effort to solve this challenge by introducing changes to medical education. 

We’re designing education to match the workforce needs of Minnesota and beyond. One example program is RPAP, our Rural Physician Associate Program,” Dr. Rosenberg said, “Students who enter this program are much more likely to practice in rural settings, to practice primary care and specifically family medicine, and to stay in Minnesota.”

Dr. Rosenberg also discusses the importance of preparing students for these important roles and the effectiveness of interprofessional collaboration for future medical practitioners.

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