Match Day 2020

There are good things and bad things about unique situations. This is undoubtedly not how you imagined this important day in your life. By not being able to gather in person for Match Day, we are unable to connect quite as directly, unable to see the whole picture as if you were immersed in it. For that, we are sorry.

That said, we are living in unprecedented times, and we have to take the right steps to ensure that your future colleagues and patients have the best possible outcome from this pandemic. In such a time, protecting your personal safety becomes a moral imperative, not just for yourselves individually, but for society and the medical profession as a united whole. To this, we are committed.

We are fortunate to have the technology that allows us to do this remotely. Even two years ago, this would not have been possible in the way we are able to today. For that, we are grateful.

To those of you who are finding ways to support your medical community, thank you! The extraordinary way you are coming together, the making of this communal effort, and your ability to adapt will also mark your class and your generation. You are now a unique part of a unique time in history. For this, and for your response, we are proud.

As you see in the world around you, being a physician is one of the most rewarding, challenging, noble professions you could have chosen. Remember today that regardless if you receive the match you want, don’t receive the one you want, or don’t match at all, you have a valuable role to play in our world going forward. Joy or disappointment will pass, but your commitment to helping others and the gifts that you bring to your life will be with you forever.

Remember to support each other through today and the days to come, and reach out via phone, text, or online systems. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know.

Congratulations on arriving at this point in your education! On behalf of your Medical School, I wish you all the best and be well.