Sarcoidosis is a chronic disease that manifests as enlarged lymph nodes and tissue granulomas (cell clusters as a result of inflammation) affecting many organs and their functioning. The cause underlying this disease is largely unknown.

A team consisting of faculty at the University of Minnesota Medical School and staff at the M Health Fairview University of Minnesota Medical Center was recently recognized as a “Sarcoidosis Center of Excellence” by the World Association of Sarcoidosis and Other Granulomatous Disorders (WASOG) and the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research. This two-year designation recognizes the team’s commitment to meet the needs of patients with sarcoidosis and their participation in cutting-edge research toward advancements and discoveries in sarcoidosis. 

Associate Professor Maneesh Bhargava MBBS, PhD, in the Medical School’s Department of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, is a member of the team working to understand and improve treatments for sarcoidosis.

“This designation from WASOG and the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research gives us additional opportunities for clinical trials and studies, including sarcoidosis-specific trial recruitment, funding opportunities, conferences, clinical tools and a vast network of physicians who are just as committed to making a difference for patients as we are,” Dr. Bhargava said. “We are proud to have been honored with this distinction.”

The selection committee at the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research consists of clinicians, investigators, institution leaders and key opinion leaders in the field of sarcoidosis. This committee voted in consensus that this collaborative team’s expertise to transform the sarcoidosis care experience and provide a model for other institutions makes it a bonafide Sarcoidosis Center of Excellence.

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