Thanks to the Randy Shaver Cancer Research & Community Fund, 15 University of Minnesota Medical School faculty members are receiving funding for new research projects aimed at helping Minnesota's cancer communities.

The fund awards grants annually with the goal of addressing needs among Minnesotans with cancer.

Below is a list of the Medical School faculty members who received awards.

Jeffrey Albrecht, MD - Identify Novel Genes That Could Be Targeted in Liver Cancer (Working with Patients at the VA)
Martina Bazzaro, PhD - Testing and Gene Expression Profiling to Detect Chemoresistant Endometrial Cancer
Julia Davydova, MD, PhD - Develop New Imaging and Multimodal Interventions for Pancreatic Cancer to Facilitate Accurate Diagnosis and Improved Therapy
Mark Klein, MD - Identify Strategies to Enhance Immunotherapy Against Mesothelioma Via Lab-Based Methods (Working with Patients at the VA)
Badrinath Konety, MD, MBA and Jayanth Panyam, PhD - New Treatment for Bladder Cancer
Emil Lou, MD, PhD, FACP - Examine the Ability of Alternating Electric Fields to Disrupt Intercellular Communication
Walter Low, PhD - Zika Virus-Based Therapy for Treating Malignant Brain Tumors
Branden Moriarity, PhD - Develop A Novel Antibody-based Therapeutic with Intent of Eventual Clinical Translation for Pediatric Osteosarcoma
Michael Olin, PhD - Determine Efficacy of CD200 Inhibitor in Phase I Clinical Trial for Glioblastoma
Christopher Pennell, PhD - Understanding Neurotoxicity in A Mouse Model of Cancer Immunotherapy for Leukemias and Lymphomas
David Potter, MD, PhD - Overcoming Hormone Therapy Resistance in ER+ and HER2- Breast Cancer
Arpit Rao, MBBS - Perform Translational and Clinical Investigation of CDK4/6 inhibitor Therapies in Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer
Deepali Sachdev, PhD - Test A Novel Immunotherapy for Solid Cancers (Metastatic Breast Cancer & Prostate Cancer)
Timothy Starr, PhD - Develop Immunotherapy for Treating Advanced Ovarian Cancer
Daniel Vallera, PhD - Taking Next Steps Toward Bringing New Immunotherapy Drug to First in Human Trials (Leukemia)