Medical students and their supporters filled McNamara Alumni Center on Friday, March 17, 2017, to celebrate Match Day.

Before the ceremony began, breakfast was available and students had the opportunity to connect with classmates and professors they've grown close to throughout their tenure at the University of Minnesota Medical School. The weight of nerves and anticipation could be seen on nearly everyone present, but a slideshow of student photos from the last four years helped lighten the mood. 

Dean Brooks Jackson was introduced as the first speaker. He welcomed students and shared the fond memory of his own Match Day, which led him to his first choice, the University of Minnesota.

Duluth’s Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Admissions, Dr. Robin Michaels, spoke next. Followed by Dr. Ezgi Tiryaki, professor in the Department of Neurology. Both urged students to care for their patients fiercely and fulfill their commitment of providing excellent healthcare. 

At 11:00 a.m., the process of distributing envelopes began. Faculty advisors handed off the envelopes to each of the students they helped mentor. Students were instructed to wait to open their envelopes until they had all been dispersed. Tension and anticipation mounted as each person crossed the stage.

Finally, all the students had their envelopes in hand and the go-ahead was given to open them. Shrieks of excitement were heard throughout the room and hugs and words of congratulations were exchanged freely. 

Leading up to Match Day, we met with four students who reflected on their medical school experience and shared their hopes for the future leading up to Match Day. March 17, 2017, will be remembered as one of the most monumental experiences for these medical students. The day signifies hard work, determination and a healthy dose of life change. 

Victoria Black Horse shared with us that in her pursuit of becoming an M.D., she has made it her mission to always be involved in the Native American community. Victoria matched into Internal Medicine and will be spending her residency at Legacy Emanuel/Good Samaritan in Portland, Oregon. Read her full story here.

Andy Samborski and Alex Erickson participated in the match as a couple and opened their envelopes at table filled with classmates who were also couples matching. They will be fulfilling their residency at the University of Rochester/Strong Memorial in Rochester, New York. Read their journey to Match Day here.

Tim Kummer was surrounded by his wife Nicole, their two daughters, and their newborn baby when he learned he will be staying in Minnesota and spending his residency at Hennepin County Medical Center. A transformative international experience led him to choose his profession. Learn more about his path to Match Day here.

Results at a glance:

  • 224 students matched overall
  • 99 are staying in Minnesota
  • 54 matched to programs at the University of Minnesota
  • 119 will go out of state
  • 108 matched to primary care residencies (internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, med-peds)

The full list of matches and more stats can be in our Class of 2017 Residency Match List.