The University of Minnesota Medical School aims to strengthen and sustain an inclusive culture that promotes the life-long career development of faculty, the development of effective leaders and the vitality of a diverse faculty body. 

One of the salient groups tasked with fulfilling these aims is the Center for Women in Medicine and Science (CWIMS) within the Medical School Office of Faculty Affairs. CWIMS mission is to support and facilitate leadership and professional development opportunities to achieve gender equity, diversity and inclusion. The organization does this in several ways:

  • Systematically addresses and ensures the equitable distribution of salary, resources and strategic leadership opportunities across faculty.
  • Strategically communicates and collaborates across the University system, locally, regionally and nationally to disseminate best practices regarding gender equity in academic medicine and science.
  • Develops resources and carries out trainings to promote leadership and professional development for faculty.
  • Carries out pioneering research on gender equity and women’s health issues.

Diversity of people, opinions and skill sets all contribute to a thriving medical community, which the Medical School has worked to establish and hopes to continually build upon. “I work each day to advance institutional capacity to eradicate gender-based inequities in the practice and profession of academic medicine and science. For me, being a part of CWIMS is an energizing experience where I feel I am making true connections and we are progressing together on important work,” said Kait Macheledt, Project Specialist for CWIMS.   

Faculty and leadership are the foundation of everything the Medical School does, making programs like CWIMS and the work they do not only important, but necessary. “Women have made significant and long-lasting contributions across a wide spectrum of medical disciplines, even with numerous societal barriers presented to them. CWIMS recognizes this and showcases their achievements, yet does not become complacent as the program moves forward on new initiatives,” stated Jerica M. Berge, PhD, MPH, LMFT, CFLE, Director of CWIMS and Professor and Vice Chair for Research with the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. 

Several CWIMS events in the near future will fortify the group’s mission to connect and collaborate with a variety of audiences. Click on the event title to learn more information.

Upcoming Events

The 2019 Annual Fall Retreat
September 26 from 12 pm - 3:55 pm | Coffman Memorial Union Presidents Room. 

This event provides an excellent opportunity to build networks between faculty, keep the UMN academic community up-to-date with women in medicine and science initiatives, engage with national leaders on this topic (i.e. invited presenters and External Advisory Board Members) and deliver skills-based trainings.

14th Annual Women's Health Research Conference
October 7, 2019 | McNamara Alumni Center, Memorial Hall

This year’s Women’s Health Research Conference is focused on addressing Sexual Harassment and Violence: Impact on Women's Mental and Physical Health Outcomes. The Women's Health Research Conference is a half-day event that features plenary presentations, panel discussions and a poster session on women’s health research.

CWIMS Ignites Collaborative Action for a Safe and Respectful Environment: Time’s Up Healthcare with Dr. Esther Choo
November 7, 9 am - 12 pm