This week, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine recognized 190 talented University of Minnesota Medical School faculty physicians – spanning over 19 departments – on its 2021 “Top Doctors: Rising Stars” list.

The list highlights physicians who have been practicing for 10 years or less and were nominated by their peers as deserving of the award. The winning doctors were selected after a rigorous evaluation process by an expert physician review panel that assessed their professional achievements and other factors.

“We are incredibly proud of our faculty physicians who made the Rising Stars list,” said Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD, Dean of the University of Minnesota Medical School. “This recognition is a clear reflection not only of their expertise as physicians, but also their dedication to their patients.”

Scroll down to see the complete list of University of Minnesota Medical School faculty physicians recognized as 2021 Rising Stars by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine.

Department of Anesthesiology
Aaron Berg, DO
James Flaherty, MD
Jeffrey Grosland, MD
Benjamin Kloesel, MD
Megan Lanigan, MD

Department of Dermatology
**Andrea L. Bershow, MD
Ronda Farah, MD
Lori Fiessinger, MD
Noah Goldfarb, MD
**Sara Hylwa, MD
Matthew Mansh, MD
Adam Mattox, DO
David Pearson, MD
Brittney Schultz, MD

Department of Emergency Medicine
*Sara Friedman, MD
**John Litell, DO
**Travis Olives, MD, MPH, MEd
**Michael Paddock, DO
**Benjamin Willenbring, MD

Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
Karen Borchert, MD
James Hougas III, MD
Laura Miller, MD, MPH
Charles Salmen, MD
Joshua Thompson, MD
Amanda Weinmann, MD, MS
Andrea Westby, MD
Cherilyn Wicks, MD

Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology
Michael Linden, MD, PhD
*Jennifer Stall, MD

Department of Medicine
**Jonathan Alpern, MD
William Amundson, MD
Nabeel Azeem, MD
Jason Bartos, MD, PhD
Joan Beckman, MD, PhD
**Jessica Boettcher, MD
**Sarah Bou Malham, MD
**Jill Bowman Peterson, MD
Andrew Caraganis, MD
**Michelle Carlson, MD, FACC
Roy Cho, MD, MHA
**Kate Diaz Vickery, MD, MSc
**Joshua Dorn, MD
**Tyler Drake, MD
Sarah Elfering, MD
**Heidi Erickson, MD
**Khalil Farah, MD
**Mary Fredrickson, MD
Anne Frosch, MD, MPH
Yuka Furuya, MD
Nate Gaeckle, MD
Umesh Goswami, MD
**Brian Grahan, MD, PhD
**Brian Hanson, MD
**Danielle Haselby, DO
Katherine Janssen, MD
**JoAn Laes, MD
Anne-Marie Leuck, MD
Thomas Leventhal, MD
Mary Logeais, MD
Samar Malaeb, MD
**Robert Mittet, MD
*Joshua Mueller, MD
Brian Muthyala, MD, MPH
**Anupama Nookala, MD
**Dan Pease, MD
Kathryn Pendleton, MD
Cuong Pham, MD
Radha Rajasingham, MD
Arpit Rao, MD, MBBS
**Steven Richmond, DO
Eugenia Shmidt, MD
Surbhi Shah, MD, MBBS
Tyson Sievers, MD
Christopher Steevens, MD
Laurel Stephenson, MD
David Wacker, MD, PhD
Ben Webber, MD
**Tyler Winkelman, MD, MSc
Katti Woerner, MD
**Jennifer Wu, DO
**Zaki Abou Zahr, MD, RhMSUS

Department of Neurology
**Erin Golden, MD
Amanda Moen, MD

Department of Neurosurgery
Kristen Jones, MD, FAANS
Carolina Sandoval-Garcia, MD
Andrew Venteicher, MD, PhD

Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women's Health
**April Batcheller, MD
Christy Boraas, MD, MPH
Sarah Cross, MD
Lisa Gill, MD
*Larry Goldenberg, MD
Andrea O’Shea, MD
Bethany Sabol, MD
*Wael Salem, MD
*Todd Stanhope, MD

Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Neurosciences
Karen Armbrust, MD, PhD
*Mark Hansen, MD
Joshua Hou, MD
Sasha Strul, MD
Justin Yamanuha, MD

Department of Orthopedic Surgery
**Jaclyn Bailey, MD
Caitlin Chambers, MD
**Jessica Downes, MD
Patrick Horrigan, MD
Patrick Horst, MD
Mai Nguyen, MD
**Gudrun Mirick Mueller, MD
David Supik, DO
Robert Wojahn, MD

Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
**Stephanie Contag, MD
Raluca Gray, MD
Luke Jakubowski, MD
Ashok Jethwa, MD
**Abby Meyer, MD
**Andrew Redmann, MD

Department of Pediatrics
Anjali Aggarwal, MD, MBBS, FACMG
Varun Aggarwal, MD, MBBS, FAAP
*Carmen Avendano, MD
Callie Becker, MD
*Larissa Beyerlein, MD
Charles Billington Jr., MD, PhD
Ashley Bjorklund, MD
Alexander Boucher, MD
*Katherine Brunsberg, MD
Danielle Bullock, MD, MPH
Daniel Cortez, MD, PhD
Melissa Engel, MD
*Stephanie Fritch Lilla, MD
*Kathleen Garland, MD
Tate Gisslen, MD
Kimara Gustafson, MD
**Kathy Hakanson, MD
Julia Heneghan, MD, MS
*Patricia Hickey, MD
*Heidi Kamrath, DO
*Stacie Knutson, MD
Catherine Larson-Nath, MD
Scott McEwen, MD, PhD
Risha Moskalewicz, MD
Megan Paulsen, MD
Nathan Rodgers, MD, MHA
Katherine Satrom, MD
Kavisha Shah, MD
Miriam Shapiro, MD
*Chase Shutak, MD
Jonathan Strutt, MD
Elizabeth Swanson, DO
Beth Thielen, MD, PhD
Robin Williams, MD, MS
Jameel Winter, MD
**Brian Yablon, MD

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
*Dianna Bisek, MD
**Suzanne Jasberg, MD
*Thomas Joseph
Nakita Natala, MD
*Brent Nelson, MD
**Sara Polley, MD

Department of Radiation Oncology
Christopher Wilke, MD, PhD

Department of Radiology
*Scott Boeke, DO
Anil Chauhan, MD, FAIUM
Noelle Hoven, MD
*Marcel Rivard, III, MD
Robben Schat, DO
*Jake Theis, MD
Shamar Young, MD

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Amy Authement, MD
Michael Kasprzak, DO
Min Jeong Park Graf, MD, MBBS
**Alexander Senk, MD
Stephanie Standal, MD

Department of Surgery
*Christopher Chow, MD
*Nicholas Davis, MD
*Ryan Deisler, MD
*Christopher Hillard, MD
Vanessa Humphreville, MD
Varvara Kirchner, MD
*Janet Lee, MD, MS
Jennifer Rickard, MD, MPH
*Kristin Ritter, MD
*Patrick Shabino, MD
Andrew Shaffer, MD, MS
Matthew Soule, MD
**Paul Stahler, MD
*Mark Sun, MD
Christopher Tignanelli, MD, MS

Department of Urology
*Kendall Feia, MD
Cynthia Fok, MD
*Travis Pagliara, MD
Joseph Pariser, MD
Joseph Zabell, MD

**Denotes affiliated faculty
*Denotes adjunct faculty