New MetroPAP Site to be Added at St. Cloud Hospital This Fall

An additional site for the Metropolitan Physician Associate Program (MetroPAP) will be added this fall at the St. Cloud Hospital. MetroPAP is a nine-month clerkship for third-year medical students who want to serve patients in urban communities. The program provides students with a strong clinical curriculum in an urban-based primary care practice and hospital. 

Efforts are headed by Dr. Dennis Peterson, Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School's Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. He has been a longtime supporter of the programs as he has been a preceptor for many years and an alumni of Rural Physician Associate Program (RPAP).

The selection and site placement for the 2017-18 class of MetroPAP and RPAP students were recently held. Five MetroPAP students and thirty-seven RPAP students will start this fall.

For more information regarding the new MetroPAP site, visit their webpage.