The Atlantic recently wrote an article discussing the discourse of Paxlovid among the medical community. Not all doctors seem to be in agreement about the effectiveness of the drug in regard to patients that are already vaccinated. 

Dr. David Boulware in the Department of Medicine spoke to The Atlantic about Paxlovid after President Joe Biden tested positive again for COVID-19. On whether Paxlovid has that many benefits for young, vaccinated people, Boulware said, “If your risk of hospitalization is incredibly low, to make that even lower is somewhat improbable.” 

According to a CDC advisory, people who take Paxlovid for COVID-19 could experience a resurgence of the infection—a Paxlovid rebound—between 2 and 8 days after their initial recovery. While this resurgence is still being studied, those that have been published have reported resurgences under 10 percent of cases.

As for the data that has been made public from Pfizer on the benefit of taking Paxlovid, Boulware said, “ [the data] suggests that there’s really minimal to no benefit, most likely, for the vast majority of people.”

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