“How to Avoid Burnout in 73 Minutes” is a musical comedy piece that features a doctor/actor who was able to rebound from the lows of his work from an average career shift. This doctor is our very own Dr. Stuart Bloom, an associate professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota Medical School. Bloom has been involved in theater since he was a kid, turning to medicine after his father was diagnosed with stomach cancer. 

“The things I learned in acting school were actually the same as being a doctor: Keep your heart open, go to places that are difficult, see life from another’s perspective. If you can do those things, that can make you a singular doctor. Or actor,” Bloom says. Dr. Bloom draws many similarities between being a doctor and an actor, and encourages everyone to take the next step, whether that is working through your own burnout or trying something new. 

“How to Avoid Burnout in 73 Minutes” was at the Southern Theater in downtown Minneapolis, April 19-23

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