Dr. Tina Huang in the Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery spoke to WCCO Radio about the change that took effect on Monday that allows Americans to purchase hearing aids over-the-counter at stores without a prescription. “The vast majority of adults who could benefit from a hearing aid are not wearing a hearing aid. The over-the-counter hearing aids are for people who have a mild to moderate hearing loss,” she said. Dr. Huang cautioned those who don’t take a hearing test or visit with a doctor first against thinking the first device they purchase is going to solve all of their issues.

On October 24, hearing aids became available for purchase without a prescription. This will give millions of Americans access to hearing aids without the costly price. Medical and industry experts advise people not to rush out and purchase something just because it is cheaper. Starkey Hearing Technologies announced they will be selling over-the-counter hearing aids, though not in big-box retail stores. 

Over the counter hearing aids can be found at hearing center locations.

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