CNBC spoke with Dr. Beth Thielen in the Department of Pediatrics about rising concerns over monkeypox in the U.S. The article focused on the basics of monkeypox and how it spreads. Dr. Thielen says people who have sex with multiple or anonymous partners are primarily at risk. She warns against stigmatizing gay and bisexual men and emphasizes that anyone can contract monkeypox if they come into contact with infected people or materials, like bedding, clothes or towels. "I want people who maybe aren't engaged in those risk activities to know that they can still get it. It's not a reason to think that they're at no risk at all," she said.

As of August 5, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends vaccination for people who are at high risk or who have already been exposed to the monkeypox virus. "We don't have the resources to vaccinate the whole population," Thielen said. "We're specifically tailoring vaccination strategies to folks that are at the highest risk."

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