The Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine published a list of Minnesota’s top doctors. From the University, Drs. Catherine Bendel, Susan Berry, Andrew Kiragu, and Cresta Jones are highlighted and speak about their work within their respective specialties. 

On what gives her hope, Dr. Jones said, “I work with Ob-Gyn residents and medical students at the University of Minnesota. I see this amazing group of physicians and future physicians that is really committed to combating and reducing inequities in health care and making a difference.”

Dr. Kiragu spoke on the magnified risks in disadvantaged communities. He said, “Traditionally, the rate of injuries in general, and everything like sudden unexplained infant death rates, are higher in communities of color. A lot of this correlates with poverty and where people live. Those disparities, whether it’s asthma or other illnesses, have been amplified during the pandemic. And of course, the pandemic has disproportionately impacted communities of color.”

On the challenges of working in pediatrics, Dr. Bendel said, “I’m always worried about providing the best care for our patients, but I also worry about making certain that we’re really caring for the family and communicating adequately with them. I worry about our really complex children and how we are going to get them safely home, and how we are going to help these families navigate the health care system if they have a child with special needs.”

Dr. Susan Berry spoke about the journey she and her patients take in the pursuit of better care. She said regarding rare disease care, “I’m like the old family doctor that takes care of family members all of their lives, and those relationships are very special. It’s a real privilege to be on their journey with them, I’m always impressed by human potential and what people can do.”

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