Dr. William Roberts in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health provided outside expertise on a new study that shows any amount of physical activity starting at any age is helpful for long-term cognitive health. “It seems clear from this study and others that small doses of exercise across the lifespan and starting young is very beneficial to long term health,” Dr. Roberts said. For people who have been active regularly, the results should be encouraging and suggest that their investment can pay off, he added.

The study found that even people who became active in their 50s or 60s achieved better cognitive scores when they reached 70 years old

How to get active:

  • Set a goal
  • Make a plan that will stick
  • Do activities that you enjoy and make it fun
  • Be active with friends, family, etc. for support 

Some activities that go a long way include regular walks, yoga. Fitting in 10 minutes of exercise is very beneficial in the long run.

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