Tragedy and Resilience

We are all experiencing a true tragedy in light of recent events in Minneapolis that have spread to other parts of the Twin Cities today. What I've heard from a number of you is a shared sense of outrage, frustration, and deep sadness at a death that should not have happened.

All of this feels particularly acute in the midst of COVID-19. This is added trauma on top of the stress that all of us as faculty, staff, and students are experiencing from the impact of this pandemic on our lives.

More than ever before, in the Minnesota I know and love, our basic values are being tested. This is a place that values honesty, integrity, and individual dignity. We respect individual differences. We have a heritage of welcoming the stranger. And above all, we value the sanctity of personal freedom and liberty.

This is a tragedy for Minneapolis, for Minnesota, and for all of us.

As a Medical School community, we are fortunate to have resources to help us through this experience as compiled by Dr. Sophia Vinogradov and linked here.

Please reach out if you are seeking more support.