Dawn Lowe, PhD, and Antoinette Moran, MD, are recipients of the 2023 Carole J. Bland Award for Outstanding Faculty Mentorship.

Mentorship is a critical component for success in academic medicine. By sharing wisdom and expertise, mentors accelerate learning and avoid common pitfalls. They understand the mentee's aspirations and struggles, having gone through similar experiences. This support system helps mentees stay motivated, overcome obstacles, and maintain resilience during difficult times.

The 2023 Carole. J. Bland Award for Outstanding Faculty Mentorship recognizes faculty members who have been exceptional mentors to other faculty at the University of Minnesota Medical School. This year’s recipients, Dawn Lowe, PhD, and Antoinette Moran, MD, are exceptional mentors, helping to foster personal and professional growth for U of MN faculty. 

Dawn Lowe, PhD 

Dr. Lowe's excellence as a mentor is evident through her university accolades, which include being recognized as the Outstanding Mentor by the Postdoctoral Association, holding the prestigious Fesler-Lampert Chair position in Aging Studies, and receiving an award for her contributions to the Minnesota Training Grant on Aging.

Through an unwavering commitment to advancing women in sciences, Dr. Lowe has guided and mentored many talented individuals, including remarkable female undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, and her junior faculty members.

“I am indebted to her (Dr. Lowe) for her overwhelming commitment, support and allegiance in advising me to be a more thoughtful and impactful scientist, mentor and educator.” - Manda L Keller-Ross, PhD

Most of Dr. Lowe’s manuscripts feature her mentees as first or co-authors, serving as a testament to her exceptional guidance. Equally impressive is the remarkable achievement of over 50 awards and honors earned by the trainees in her laboratory, further highlighting the impact of her guidance.

Antoinette Moran, MD

Throughout her distinguished career, Dr. Moran's dedication to mentoring is demonstrated through the numerous initiatives and programs she has created and led. Dr. Moran led the implementation of the UMN Clinical Scholar Track (now Academic Track) in the Department of Pediatrics. In 2016, she helped to establish the Department of Pediatrics Faculty Development Program. 

“I believe Dr. Moran is a truly exemplary mentor, and that this is reflected in the many successful physician researchers that have benefited from her guidance. In addition to providing mentorship to a number of trainees and young faculty here at the University of Minnesota, she has been a leader nationally and internationally in developing programs to support young faculty.”  - Melena D. Bellin, MD

Dr. Moran’s commitment to mentorship extends beyond the University of Minnesota. Through her exceptional leadership, Dr. Moran has profoundly impacted the training of African pediatric endocrinologists. Her efforts have successfully trained more than 100 African fellows through the International Society of Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes. 

At all levels, Dr. Moran has personally mentored many faculty members and trainees. The impact of her mentorship is evident in the remarkable professional achievements of her mentees, many of whom now hold esteemed academic positions at prestigious institutions nationwide. Her dedication to her mentees goes beyond their tenure at the University of Minnesota, as she fosters and maintains meaningful relationships with many of them.

Please join us in congratulating and celebrating Dr. Lowe and Dr. Moran for their tremendous contributions to academic and clinical excellence.