Minneapolis, Jan 24, 2016 – StartClass, an education research site, ranks the University of Minnesota Medical School 20th of 174 U.S. Medical Schools. StartClass obtains its data from public sources, and its Smart Rating is based on the following attributes:

  • 42.4% - admission standards (acceptance rate, GPA, MCAT, GPA 90th percentile, MCAT biological sciences)
  • 30.3% expert ranking (U.S. News primary care rank 50%; U.S. News Research rank 50%)
  • 15.2% based on student resources (faculty-student ratio, students receiving financial aid, students receiving grants and scholarships, students receiving loans)
  • 12.1% based on school funding (NIH funding 50%, total direct federal grants and contracts, endowment per student)

You can view the complete StartClass rankings on their website.