Update 10/23/17: The crowdfunding goal has been increased to $15,000. A team from Minnesota, including four doctors and one nurse, are currently in Puerto Rico providing medical care and relieving their island counterparts who have been laboring under extremely difficult conditions for more than a month. The team is hand-delivering much-needed medications and basic medical supplies. 

After visiting Puerto Rico for vacation in September, and seeing Hurricane Maria’s damaging effects on the island, University of Minnesota Medical School professor Dr. Miguel Fiol is on a mission to bring much-needed aid to the storm-torn country. While on vacation he provided much-needed medical care to evacuees. Now, Dr. Fiol has launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring more assistance to Puerto Rico.

“I was there during the hurricane and volunteered at shelters and know of the great need for insulin, antibiotics, dialysis equipment, and asthma meds as well as general medical supplies,” Dr. Fiol writes. “The Medical School will work with clinical partners in Puerto Rico to provide medications, medical supplies, and other health assistance as needed.”

The fund will provide support to aid the people of Puerto Rico and will be administered by the Medical School’s Dean’s Office in consultation with the Department of Neurology.

Donate now to support the UMN Medical School Puerto Rico Outreach Fund.