UMN Medical School Psychiatry Resident Rana Elmaghraby has been nominated for the Resident Fellow Member Trustee Elect position on the American Psychiatric Association’s board of trustees. We caught up with Elmaghraby to get the full story on the position, her candidacy, and the issues that matter to her as a potential APA board trustee.

What are the responsibilities of the American Psychiatric Association’s Resident Fellow Member Trustee Elect (RFMT-E) position?

This is a two-year position in which a resident member serves as an American Psychiatric Association Board Trustee. In the second year of this elected position, the RFMT is a voting member. The APA Board of Trustees discusses relevant matters pertaining to mental health, ranging from healthcare reforms to physician well-being. The RFMT attends all board meetings, participates in matters at hand and in formulation and implementation of the APA policies.

What are your priorities for the position if you were to be elected?

As an APA resident-fellow member trustee (RMFT), my goal is to serve as the voice of resident and fellow psychiatrists, particularly in the realm of trainee well-being and serve as an advocate for people living with mental illness. These are my priorities:

  • Excellence in psychiatric patient care

  • Advocating for trainee wellbeing

  • Strength through diversity

  • Enacting the voice of psychiatry residents and fellows.

Why do you think it's important that a position like the Resident Fellow Member position exists on the APA board?

Residents and Fellows are the future decision-makers and leaders of this field. I think it is crucial to facilitate early involvement and participation in all matters impacting our field of medicine and those we serve. In addition, residents and fellows present a unique perspective from a trainee point of view that can be incorporated to further advance medical training and education.

If you are elected, what experiences from your academic or psychiatric career will shape your decision-making?

My commitment to psychiatric leadership and advocacy, my multicultural background, experience in global psychiatry, and my demonstrated resilience distinctively qualify me for the APA RMFT-elect position.

Voting is open until January 31. Watch a video featuring Elmaghraby for more.