The University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth Campus Creates Special Bond with Elementary Students

The University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus with support from Regenerative Medicine Minnesota, is creating a special bond with a group of elementary students from Nett Lake Elementary.

Donning lab coats and safety goggles, the students from Nett Lake Elementary were scientists for a day working in real laboratories and performing experiments. When asked what the most important thing they learned was, the enthusiastic response was "Science!"

The program helps the kids understand what scientists do and lets them become familiar with the University, but it is hard to say who has more fun--the students or the scientists they work with.

Today they made "elephant toothpaste," studied strawberry DNA, and got to experiment with the densities of different liquids. All results were then recorded in their lab books. Over the summer many of the students will participate in a program where they help a scientist study dragonflies!