A University of Minnesota Medical School-Led Research Group, NeuroPRSHM, Featured in a Film by The American Psychiatry Association

Fundamental scientists, clinical scientists and data scientists all come together to work towards a common goal–how to give rise to psychosis better.

The American Psychiatry Association filmed a feature of a University of Minnesota Medical School research group called NeuroPRSMH, which stands for NeuroPlasticity Research in Support of Mental Health. This new type of research seeks to reveal better approaches and treatments to psychiatric conditions.

NeuroPRSMH is an interdisciplinary team of many faculty members from the Departments of Psychology, Neuroscience, Behavioral Sciences and Psychiatry and the University’s Institute of Health Informatics. All work together on the same collaborative focus to improve the quality of life for people with psychiatric conditions.

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U Researchers Receive $15M NIMH Grant to Study Psychosis

This research, led by David Redish, PhD, and Sophia Vinogradov, MD, will combine basic, computational and clinical science in a collaborative, five-year study to document changes in brain function that may indicate how people with psychosis understand the world differently. The information could prove useful in tailoring better treatments for one of the most mysterious mental health diagnoses.

Collaborating to a Successful Grant

Drs. David Redish and Sophia Vinogradov share how their team secured one of the largest grants available from the National Institutes of Health.