St. Lukes Hospital and the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus continue to work together through the Whiteside Institute for Clinical Research to promote clinical research in the region and to encourage research collaboration. In the last 19 years, 73 grants have been awarded totaling over $954,000. 
The Whiteside Institute for Clinical Research seeks grant applications for clinical research related to preventing or treating cancer, lung disease or heart disease. Clinical research includes studies of therapeutic interventions including clinical trials of drugs, disease prevention, and health promotion; evaluation of diagnostic tests or strategies; behavioral studies; health services research; epidemiologic studies; outcomes research and translational research. $65,000 are available for qualified proposals to support costs deemed essential to the research project. Applications submitted in response to this announcement may be submitted for any amount but may not exceed $30,000. Grant awards generally range from $15,000 to $20,000. Indirect costs are not authorized under this announcement. 
The deadline for applications is Friday, November 2, 2018, with grant awards being announced in mid-December 2018. Additional applications may be considered after the deadline if funds are available. Grant application forms and information about the Whiteside Institute for Clinical Research may be found at For further information please contact the Whiteside Institute for Clinical Research, #218-249-5334.
Proposal Development Assistance: The Whiteside Institute recognizes that health care professionals may have ideas for research projects but have not formally developed these ideas into a grant proposal. Members of the Whiteside Scientific Committee are available to discuss ideas and provide guidance in proposal development. Please contact Marilyn Odean at #218-249-5334 / for further information.