In 2016, Becca Bundy's daughter had a seizure in their northern Minnesota home. Thankfully, Bill Cox, a volunteer firefighter and first responder, arrived to help.

"I got there and helped settle people down until an ambulance could get there and take care of her," Bill told CNN in an interview.

Bill and Becca met again two years later at a local benefit, where she learned that the man that helped save her daughter need saving of his own; Bill was born with only one kidney, and it was failing.

"I can remember us both crying," Becca said of when they found out she was a match for kidney donation.

Dr. Raja Kandaswamy, Department of Surgery, performed the successful transplantation.

"There was a sense of urgency to get a transplant because a 66-year-old on dialysis does not do well long-term on dialysis," Kandaswamy said. "The mortality is high once they remain on dialysis for a few years."

Since the surgery, Bill is back doing what he loves, woodcarving and being a volunteer firefighter and first responder.